Download Free Robbie Bob.

Adventure games are great, they are challenging and difficult because they feel more self-satisfied.

The best of the game is the robbery of Bob Robbery Bob is one of the most famous adventure games. It

Is not Arab or local, but it is universal, but it is beautiful that it is available in the Middle East and North

Africa in the local language.

General information about the game of harami for the iPhone Robbery Bob

The game is developed by Level Eight AB, which is the same company that publishes it, a free game with some

Features and paid additions.

It is also available for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 9.0 and is suitable for use by 12-year-olds and above.

The game supports several languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,

Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.

The game comes in at least 130 megabytes, which gets more updates to add new events and other advanced stages.

What are paid plugins in the game?

While Download Game Robbery Bob 2 is a free game, it includes a number of paid items that you can buy:

  • Luxury Package $ 9.99.
  • Everything opened for $ 6.99.
  • The currency package is $ 1.99.
  • Treasury package $ 13.99.
  • Currency support $ 1.99.
  • All fashion open 5.99 USD.
  • Open winter season is $ 1.99.
  • Fortune Pack $ 6.99.

What is the story of the haraam game for the iPhone Robbery Bob?

The story of the game is simply that you are the personal hero of course, but you are a thief or a thief who entered

Prison because of this crime, but one of the top thieves will get you out of jail, in return for working for him. Of

Course you will not have to do what is required of you

You will have to go into people’s houses and steal them and carry out various robberies, from small tasks to large

Tasks and you should not be arrested by the police.

Features of the game of Harami Bob Robbery Bob:

This game includes 12 different chapters, each chapter containing many tasks you have to complete and complete


You can choose your preferred language, whether to keep the English or go to Arabic from the game settings, and

You will find that this game is characterized by high-quality graphics.

One of the tasks in the game is to sneak into the people’s house without anyone seeing you, and without being

Heard from the residents.

You’ll have to sneak past security guards, residents and sleeping guard dogs, and you’ll get a trophy at every stage.

Use your ninja skills to hide using strong bending and avoid being noticed, this requires caution and intelligence.

The robberies assigned to you will take you to local neighborhoods and the center of the country and even to some.

Secret factories. The more successful it is in the previous phase, the more difficult it becomes.

You should not ignore the instructions that appear before the beginning of each stage, and in case you do not.

Understand it is best to change the language of the game into Arabic.

No need to rush one of the secrets of excellence in the game of harami for iPhone Robbery Bob is reading

Instructions and implementing them.

In this game Bob must steal everything from secret documents to an old clothes pair and even the remote controls

On the TV that are hard to find always, these missions are very difficult.

The challenge for you is to do the trick and steal the job without you failing the task. If you fail, you will be caught.

There are a lot of dangers that do not catch you like a dog bite and also people report you, be careful of all this.

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