Which Picture To Choose – On Canvas Or Cardboard?

The eternal question of beginners. Various manufacturers offer coloring on either cardboard or canvas, with or without a stretcher.

Coloring on cardboard

It is very convenient to draw on cardboard, so it will be easier to study on sets on a cardboard basis, since the borders and numbers of colors are perfectly visible. The paint on the cardboard falls smoothly and is perfectly absorbed, the drawing is bright and fresh. To add volume to your work, some segments need to be painted over with several layers

Drawing on Paint by number on canvas, at rst glance, seems to be a more complicated process. Since the canvas is a fabric, the brush strokes will not lie as smoothly as on the cardboard, and the paint will not be absorbed uniformly. You may need to apply several layers of paint, which will give a certain volume to the picture, and the color on the canvas will turn out to be deeper and more saturated. But when working with canvas, you will receive an indescribable pleasure, the further you draw, the more fascinating you will nd this process. And the result will be excellent, like a picture of a true artist. Try it and you will always be a fan of this genre!

There are no special differences in Chinese manufacturers. Choose the plot you like and color it. All Chinese kits are equipped with paints in vacuum-packed jars, except for HOBART kits. In the latter, the paints are placed in sealed tubes, thanks to which we managed to solve the problem of drying the paint! Sometimes different manufacturers have the same drawing plots. In this case, a choice in favor of one or another manufacturer will help you information about the number of colors in the set (the more colors, the more carefully the plot of the picture will be drawn).

The canvas in the drawing sets is rolled up or already attached to the frame. This is a very important point, because the stretcher is the basis for stretching the canvas. The thickness of the paintings on the canvas is much more due to the stretcher.

For some manufacturers, such as MENGLEI and HOBBART, the sub frame in the kit can be disassembled or not always provided in the kit (in this case it can be found in a framing workshop or art store). In that case, if the sub frame is disassembled, the studs are supplied separately with the help of which the canvas is xed on the sub frame.

We will tell briey how to assemble a sub frame. The stretcher frame should be inserted into each other’s puzzles, and then outline the location of the canvas. To do this, place the canvas on a surface with the pattern up, and place a frame on top of it. Then mark with a pencil (on the back of the canvas!) All 4 of its corners.

To better stretch the canvas on a frame, you can wet it with a damp cloth, then turn it down and put a frame on top.

After that, you can attach the canvas to the frame with studs supplied in the set. And this stage should be done correctly. At rst, it is easier to wrap one side of the sub frame with a canvas and drive carnations along the edges and in the center. Then you should stretch the canvas on the opposite side of the sub frame and x it again with carnations. Do the same for the remaining two sides of the sub frame.

Do not forget to set aside 4 studs to x the corners! The corners are better to x at the very end.

The picture on the canvas can be immediately hung on the wall, because it looks great and without a frame. You can simply paint the canvas from the ends to make the picture look complete – paint, continuing the main drawing. If you wish, you can make a picture in a baguette.

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