Looking for a cheap tour? Learn the 7 secrets of how to find and profitably buy a ticket online. Independently and at the best price. And let travel agencies turn green with anger. Rest cheap!

I do not like to overpay for the rest. I bet you too. There is always an opportunity to fly to the resort cheaply: to Turkey for 3,800 , to Greece for 9,400 , to Thailand for 18,000 , to Dominican Republic for 30,000 rubles. These are real examples of cheap trips that I have found over the past year. Find out where and how to find such last-minute tours.

This leadership is already two years old. Being an avid traveler and a hunter for cheap tours, I outlined my experience and knowledge in finding cheap trips. Learn and relax at no extra cost!

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Rules for finding and buying the cheapest tours:

  • Search online
  • Date flexibility
  • Flexibility in choosing a resort
  • Buying a tour from Moscow
  • Smart search
  • Fortune
  • Early booking
  1. Buy tours online

Travel agencies on the street sell vouchers more expensive than online tour search engines. The last time I bought a ticket in the office of a travel agency back in 2012. Then, convenient and reliable online tour search services appeared go to website – now I only use them. I don’t go to the offices of greedy travel agencies – it’s more convenient and profitable to buy vouchers on the Internet.

Why travel agencies more expensive? The reason for the human factor – tricky managers in travel agencies in all possible ways spun the client to buy a more expensive tour package. They basically do not want to sell tours for 5, 10, 20 thousand – a percentage of such transactions is not enough for them, they need more gold!

Where to look for cheap tours online? I use three search engines: Onlinetours , Travela and Level.Travel . All three are reliable and very comfortable. Choose which one you like best.

Install the mobile app . Travelati has a great application: download it for Android or IOS and when buying a tour, use the current MobilizeMe promotional code – you will get a discount of 1000 rubles for any tours from 50,000 rubles. Valid until August 14, 2018.

How do tour search engines work? They compare prices among 130 popular tour operators and find the cheapest tours. Find and book a tour yourself is easy. You see the complete information on the voucher: hotel, flight, food, reviews of tourists and so on. You choose a tour that you like. Any questions? Ask a consultant in chat or by phone. Secure payment online by credit card. Tours can be bought in installments.

Offices and consultants. All three search engines have offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other major cities. A burning support line is also available. So interacting with them is easy.

Pros of buying tours online:

Great selection. Compare prices with all tour operators to find the cheapest tour. Compared – saved!

Convenient and fast. No need to go to the offices of the travel agency, to spend time on the road, waiting and chatting. You can find and book a tour in 15-30 minutes at home or at work. When buying hot tours, the speed is especially important: I found a cheap ticket – I bought it in a couple of clicks before it disappeared.

Safe. Search engines work only with reliable tour operators. Payment takes place under a secure protocol. There is a round-the-clock support service.

Autonomy. I recommend searching and buying tours on your own. So safer – you know better than any person what you need and at what price. There is no interference from others – there is no way to confuse you. In offices, managers are often cunning or simply incompetent.

Documents – immediately. When buying a tour online, all bookings and confirmations will arrive in the mail immediately after payment. In an ordinary agency, employees like to drag out the issuance of documents – they passed, we know.

Securely. I trust the large online search engines online tours, Travela and Level. Travel with a large client base and a well-known name. Travel agencies with variegated names like “Cactus”, “Sea of ​​Dreams” or “Marina Travel” scattered along the streets of Russian cities are not.

  1. Be flexible in terms and dates

Often we have many restrictions: rigidly fixed vacation days, personal affairs and obligations. However, try to achieve as much freedom as possible in choosing dates – this will save.

See different days of departure. Vacation starts on Monday and you found a tour on this day for 50 thousand? Check out the departures on Tuesday or Wednesday – suddenly there will be tours for 30 thousand. I come across this regularly.

Change the duration of the rest. Often (not sometimes, but often!) Tours for 7 nights are cheaper than tours for 5 nights, tours for 10 nights are cheaper than tours for 8 nights and so on. Do not limit yourself – check all options!

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