Cat Carrying Bags – carrier for cats and dogs Ladioli M-4

The carrying bag has a semi-circular shape and will successfully serve for the safe and comfortable transportation of small animals. With this accessory, you can safely take a pet to the doctor, take it to the country or on a trip out of town. The model is very practical in operation, it is easy to clean. The materials used withstand the action of teeth and claws, they will not be scratched and torn.

If we talk about a semicircular construction, it is made so that the animal is pleasant to be inside. It is believed that both dogs and cats feel protected. The advantage is that the hard floor and walls are provided in the cat carrier (they are made of polypropylene). With such a constructive, even in close transport, the pet will have no reason to worry.

I will add that the bag is small (only 31 * 19 * 20 cm) and is suitable for transporting large cats or small dogs. Weight – 600 g. There are long and short handles, you can order a different color. Price – from 850 rubles.


  • Nice design;
  • Durable;
  • Quality materials;
  • Tight bottom, keeps its shape well;
  • You can safely wash;
  • Comfortable for the pet;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Affordable price.


  • In the summer heat the animal will be hot;
  • Weak grid on the window.

Bag carrying for cat’s cheap OSSO Fashion S С-1019

His bag-lock will serve when grooming, cleaning the ears, clipping claws or at the reception at the vet . The product is made on the basis of durable fabric and has a reinforced bottom, it will not suffer from the animal’s claws. The neck of the pet is placed in a soft collar, it is made of soft fleece and does not cause discomfort.

Very well constructed constructive. There are four zippers (2 on the sides in the front, 2 on the bottom in the back), thanks to which you can quickly reach any animal paw. A velcro flap is provided in the back of the bag. It provides easy access to the rear of the case and the tail of the pet. Additional flaps are located on top of the bag. They are fastened in opposite directions, which gives access to the hips, shoulders, back.

The bag can be carried, hung up on a shoulder and conveniently held at the expense of two handles from a belt sling. Size – 37 * 14 * 13 cm, with a neck height of 10 cm. This is enough for a cat weighing 2-4 kg. Color – in stock. Price – from 695 rubles.


  • The bag is convenient both for the person, and for an animal;
  • High-quality tailoring and materials;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Reinforced bottom;
  • Soft fleece collar;
  • Compact;
  • Easy to wash.


  • Only for small and medium cats.

Textile bag – carrying Gamma №7

This textile model will serve to transport cats and dogs of small breeds. The bag is quite simple, but quite comfortable. On the one hand, a special mesh insert is provided, on the other hand, a recess in which the pet can push its head out. Inside there is a removable rug that can be easily and quickly cleaned in case of anything. If necessary, the pet can be fastened with a carabiner.

The upper part closes with a zipper. For easy carrying, two handles are provided, in addition, you can hang the bag on your shoulder, leaving your hands free. Hanging on the outside is a funny keychain-ball. Product dimensions 40 * 19 * 30 cm. Materials used – penolon, oxford, bolon. Colors for every taste. Price – from 658 rubles.


  • Easy, almost weightless carrying;
  • Durable, not deformed and not broken;
  • An inset mesh will give the animal comfort in the heat;
  • It is quickly erased and dries;
  • Best suited for small breeds of dogs and cats;
  • Warm, spacious, non-marking.

No cons found.

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