Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart on the US Remake Poster?


For the American remake of Untouchables it is Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart who are expected to take on the roles of François Closet and Omar Sy. The actors are currently in negotiations with the producers of the film.

According to information from the American site Deadline, two actors are in discussion with the producers of the American remake of Untouchables. Bryan Cranston, at first, is expected to play Philippe, played by François Closet in the original feature film. The American actor is well known for his roles in the hit series Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad. He was one of the nominated Oscars 2016, in the Best Actor category for his role in Jay Roach’s film Dalton Trumbo (2015).

The second is none other than Kevin Hart. He was chosen to play Dress and take over the role that revealed Omar Sy. Less known in France, this comedian and comedian is currently showing the second part of Mise au Test.

According to Variety, Simon Curtis was chosen as director. The latter has notably directed my week with Marilyn (2011). Paul Feig was nominated as a screenwriter, after having been at the origin of those of Spy (2015) or that of another remake expected, that of Ghostbusters (2016).

Untouchables, released in France in 2011 has been an international success and garnered $ 300 million. What makes the film in non-English language most profitable film history? The distribution company The Weinstein Company has finally bought the rights to this feature film, to make it the American version that may also be a success. Shooting is scheduled to begin in May, and according to Variety, The Weinstein Company “has made it a priority”. American society has not yet commented on the news.

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