Kevin Hart wants David Beckham’s Skin

She had promised us in a hilarious teasing, H & M unveiled the video of his campaign for the line David Beckham Modern Essentials Collection. In guest star, a Kevin Hart in top form.

Being able to make fun of an international icon like David Beckham is the dream of every comedian,” said Kevin Hart of his collaboration with H & M. I love fashion as much as I love sport, that’s why I really liked participating in the new campaign. The American actor, well known for his sense of self-deprecation, did not hesitate to stage himself against a David Beckham under tension. His goal: to become Becks, and live at home for a week.

In the program of this Vis my life of ex-football player turned fashion muse: take the habits of David Beckham, as cliche as they are – “I am English, I drink a lot of tea¬† ” -, to throw myself in a big bath of water – inevitably ice-cold – after a rowing session, master the British accent so posh, in short, simply copy his style to become the new David Beckham. Kevin Hart, 36, does not have the typical profile of the top of his 1.63m, 20 centimeters less than the handsome David. But more than size, the important thing is above all to participate. A maxim that Kevin Hart makes his own, so much he put heart for this little nugget of nonsense.

6 minutes of style and laughter to discover, sprinkled with humor, the ultra-chic cloakroom of David Beckham Modern Essentials Collection for H & M.

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